Quality Assurance

Cam 08

"Quality Assurance is a mechanism for ensuring that the construction process takes place
within the framework of a quality management system"

Quality Assurance is key to the delivery of a certifiable PH standard Building. In some
respects, whether it complies with ISO, is immaterial, it is up to us Contractors to put in place
a model that fits the design brief or Contract that we have won, this is the only way to ensure
that our buildings are built and certified to the standard required.

Quality Assurance in a PH differs somewhat to a conventional building, all parties should look at:
• The Building Physics
• It’s Mass
• Design – both architecturally & M&E
• Specification
• PHPP Calculation
• Future Proofing
• Cradle to Grave
• Climate Change Adoption
• End of Life Strategy

The Contractor where possible should try and assist in the above; however, we need to
consider more the following:

• Sustainable Procurement
• Waste Minimisation
• Transport
• On-site construction
• Commissioning
• Maintenance Programme

Sustainable Procurement, Waste Minimisation and Transport – should all be considered prior to moving on site.