What Can Be Achieved?

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Integrity firmly believes that for Retrofit to appeal to home owners, universities, schools, and
businesses, we will need to address the works that are to be carried out, the cost and the
pay-back period. The incentives for our Clients include:

• Greatly reduced energy bills,
• Energy Security,
• Improved comfort conditions,
• Potentially increased property values.

The correct approach is to look carefully at the design and methods that can be used and
manage the works so that the emphasis is to achieve constant air temperature, uniform
surface temperatures, draft-free spaces and managed humidity to ensure that comfort is
delivered as well as energy gains.

The work to a proposed retrofit project must be looked at a whole-building approach, even
if not all works can be carried out in the same phase, they should all be carefully designed,
calculated and the most cost effective programme put in place.

The key questions that Integrity would address are:
• Where are your biggest opportunities to save energy cost?
• Which retrofit practices are most cost-effective and value-enhancing for you?