Cambridge University Example

We have recently provided calculations and costing’s to retrofit a Cambridge University up
to EnerPHit standard detailing differing levels of energy saving and the associated costs, we
also calculated the carbon emission savings, we looked at future proofing and life costing
based on their required programme. We utilised detailed survey information and calculated
the existing energy efficiency and then provided a "shopping list" concept in terms of energy
and carbon emission savings along with the cost for carrying out the works.

We looked at the following scenarios:
• Replacing the existing single glazed metal framed windows and roof lights with Passivhaus
certified triple glazed windows.
• Replace the associated wall and roof area of the roof lights including the installation
of automatic opening and closing mechanism to allow for venting especially in summer.
• Internally insulate the external wall and roof with insulation on breather membrane,
including taped and jointed board walls and ceilings, etc.

Img 12