Passivhaus Benefits

The Benefits of a Passivhaus include:

• Maximum energy efficiency
• Reduces energy consumption
• Significantly reduced heating costs
• Environment friendly
• Passivhaus heating requires less energy to run than a hair dryer
• High user comfort
• Constant fresh, filtered air in all rooms
• Fine particulate air filter in the incoming air supply for pollen-free air
• Easy accessibility for maintenance and servicing
• Minimal acoustic values
• No unpleasant domestic odours
• No humidity problems
• Building green
• Relative freedom of design

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Outline Specification
• Compact Form and good Insulation
• Southern orientation and shade consideration
• Energy-efficient window glazing and frames
• Building envelope air-tightness
• Highly efficient heat recovery
• Thermal bridge free construction

Passivhaus Standard built by Integrity

• Less than 15 kWh/m2/yr for heating or cooling (relating to the living space)
• Insulated to achieve a U-Value that does not exceed 0.15W/m2/K
• Passive use of solar energy is a significant factor
• Triple glazed units, U-Value that does not exceed 0.80W/m2/K, with solar heat gain coefficients around 50%
• Air leakage must be less than 0.60 times the house volume per hr.
• Most of the perceptible heat in the exhaust air is transferred to the incoming fresh air (heat recovery rate over 80%)
• "Green-Cube" provides annual energy consumption of less than 500kWh
• Very short on-site build time – can be < 4 weeks from completion of foundation and services

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